We offer analytical services for all biomolecules based on our expertise in FTIR spectroscopy. For therapeutic proteins, we can assess the following parameters:

  • Higher order structure  (HOS) – including aggregation
  • Post-translational modifications (PTMs): quantification of glycosylation and phosphorylation patterns
  • Quantification of key excipients such as buffer components (Tween), residual solvents, stabilizing agents, antifoam agents (PPG, PEG, silicone oil) or lipids
  • Absolute protein concentration

These parameters can be monitored simultaneously in a precise, quick and direct manner (a couple of minutes), with limited sample volume (<50µg) and without need for separation methods or extensive sample pre-treatment.

We can perform the analyses at our lab and record the results in a structured report or calibrate and transfer the method to your production site, ensuring real-time in-process information about key characteristics of the produced therapeutic proteins.


Please find below a non-exhaustive list of possible applications:

Case studies are currently being developed and will be available upon request.