• In less than 5 minutes, a FTIR measurement can provide a spectrum representing a global and unique fingerprint of a sample’s composition. This sum of information is demonstrated to be very accurate and sensitive to subtle changes, but needs to be interpreted in such a way as to maximize the amount of information that can be retrieved.


  • Over the last 10 years, our team has developed the proprietary expertise, through one single FTIR measurement, to retrieve information on 4 key parameters related to protein structure and quantification:
    • higher order structure: absence of denaturation and aggregation;
    • composition and quantification of post-translational modifications: glycosylations, oxidation, phosphorylations,…;
    • absolute protein concentration and
    • quantification of key excipients such as detergents (Tween,…), stabilizing agents or lipids.


  • Depending on specific situations, gathering these data would require leveraging 3 to 4 distinct techniques and protocols today. Moreover, infrared spectroscopy allows to analyze protein structure and components in a precise, quick and direct manner (a couple of minutes), with limited sample volume (<50µg) and without need for extensive sample pre-treatment or recurring calibration. Speed of measurement can therefore be up to 3 to 10 times higher than with other techniques.