What we believe in

  • Our vision: Speed up patients’ access to quality therapeutic proteins
  • Our mission: Provide biopharmaceutical companies with fast and reliable analytical services, as well as validated methods and tools for structural assessment and quantification of their therapeutic proteins, based on our distinctive expertise in infrared spectroscopy
  • Our challenge: To be a relay for 350  innovative therapeutic proteins by 2021
  • Our values: Academic rigor, dynamism and innovation

Our team

photo Derenne_Allison.jpgAllison DERENNE (CEO) holds a Bachelor and a Master in Bioengineering from the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). She also obtained a Ph.D. in Sciences from the Laboratory of Structure and Function of Biological Membranes of the ULB. During her thesis, she developed a method based on FTIR spectroscopy to classify anticancer agents according to their mode of action. Her research has been the subject of 10+ scientific articles (7 as first author) published in international journals. Since 2013, based on her acquired knowledge about the technology, she is working on designing innovative methods for the industry to analyze therapeutic proteins using FTIR spectroscopy. She is co-inventor of our core patent, filed in March 2015 at the European Patent Office. Allison has been nominated among the 2016 Under 35 Belgian Young Innovators by the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) and has participated in numerous international conferences, for which she twice received the price for best poster presentation.


Erik Goormaghtigh (CSO) is Research Director at the National Fund for Scientific Research, head of the SFMB group and professor at the University. He is a world-renowned expert in the field of FT-IR spectral analysis applied to biomolecules, cells and tissues. With 204 (more than 45 in the last 5 years) publications in peered-reviewed journals, he was invited to numerous conferences in international congresses or summer schools.

sfmbThe Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins  (SFMB) Laboratory is a major international actor in the field of FTIR spectroscopy and imaging of biological molecules, cells and tissues and in the study of the structure and the function of proteins. More than 100 peer-reviewed articles have been published in these fields for the last five years. In addition to the skills and experience, a unique equipment is available at the SFMB: five FTIR spectrometers, a high-throughput measurement system and two imaging systems. A unique dedicated software is also developed at the laboratory for the analysis of infrared spectra and infrared imaging.