Allison Derenne

photo Derenne Allison

Allison Derenne (Managing Director) holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in bioengineering from the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). She also obtained a Ph.D. in biotechnology and biochemistry from ULB’s SFMB under the supervision of Prof. Erik Goormaghtigh. During her thesis, she developed a method to classify anticancer agents by their mode of action by analyzing the biochemical modifications they induced in the cell using FTIR spectroscopy.

Since 2013, based on her acquired knowledge about the technology, she has worked on designing innovative methods for industrial analysis of therapeutic proteins using FTIR spectroscopy. Allison was nominated for the 2016 Under-35 Belgian Young Innovators by the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) and has participated in numerous international conferences, for which she received the prize for best poster presentation on two occasions. She is involved in two projects: developing a method for using FTIR spectroscopy to evaluate protein glycosylation (quantity and nature) and creating FTIR-based biosensors.

Allison founded Spectralys Biotech in October 2018.