About us

Spectralys Biotech offers FTIR-based analytical services for the biopharmaceutical industry. We have a highly-skilled team using our dedicated software with state-of-the-art spectrometers to analyze the unique structural fingerprint of biomolecules. Our flexible methods have applications in structural characterization, stability studies, biosimilar comparability studies and batch consistency checks for proteins and antibodies.

We originated from an academic laboratory at Université libre de Bruxelles. There, researchers in the laboratory of Structure and Function of Biological Membranes (SFBM) have used infrared spectroscopy to analyse the structure and orientation of membrane proteins embedded in a lipid bilayer, characterising lipid properties or studying amyloid proteins. FTIR imaging was also used for a number of investigations into pharmaceutical development and diagnostics.

We continue to work closely with academics from this lab, to ensure that we are always using cutting-edge methods and technology.

In 2013, we received a public grant to develop services for industrial companies, based on our expertise in FTIR spectroscopy. As a result, we established a wide range of collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies. Consequently, Spectralys Biotech was founded in October 2018. Since 2019, we carried out more than 70 projects with around 50 different companies (including Big Pharma, CMOs, and biotech) from countries located in Europe, Turkey and the United States.

Our team

We are Spectralys Biotech

Our team of highly skilled scientists with strong academic backgrounds provides cutting edge services to remove the risks related to the development and manufacturing processes for biopharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Allison Derenne

General Manager
photo Derenne Allison

Erik Goormaghtigh

Principal Scientific Advisor
Pix Erik

Vincent Van Hemelryck

Expert Scientist
photo Vincent Van Hemelryck


Our equipment

We have access to a dedicated laboratory with five state-of-the-art FTIR spectrometers, a highthroughput measurement system, two imaging systems and a large variety of accessories, including ATR sample holders, temperature-controlled cells, and a transmission cell polarizer.

For specific requests, we have also access to a circular dichroism and fluorescence spectrometer.

High-throughput system
FTIR imaging system



At Spectralys, quality is key and is one of our main focuses. Our current practices are described in SOPs, including our protocols for measurements and data traceability.

In summary, raw data are stored in an organized manner on protected systems and only authorized users can access the data using a specific login and password on both the computer and recording software. Raw data traceability is also ensured by using secure lab notebooks. As a backup, data are stored encrypted in a system off-site with backups created every twenty-four hours.

Hear from our satisfied customers


Logo Alzinova

Spectralys has been a valuable partner to our organization. Their structural analysis of our product has provided crucial information for both our clinical and preclinical formulation development programs.

Anders Sandberg | Sweden - Alzinova

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Logo Biofidus

Your report is really great! Very good explanation of the complicated methods and nice statistical approaches for showing the comparability. Really good reporting

Benjamin Müller | Germany - Biofidus

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CuraVac has found Spectralys Biotech’s services to be of great added value for the in-depth characterisation of its immunotherapy products.  The Spectralys team’s thorough expertise came along with a great care for timelines and budgets.

Nicolas Havelange | Belgium - CuraVac

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We received from Spectralys in-depth structural analyses with detailed explanation for non-expert scientists. The data adequately supported the comparability assessment conducted for our immunotoxin. It was comprehensive and very informative for the further development of our product.

Maarten Frijlink | Netherlands - Xenikos